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We have a wide variety of Goodies to choose from:


Vanilla,Chocolate, and Twist Flavors

Banana Split

(Three mounds of creamy ice cream with any three topping to choose from,
along with Whip Cream, Peanuts or Sprinkles, and Cherries on top) The Best Banana Split...Two thumbs up!





Sundae Specials

"Strawberry Shortcake Sensation" (Starts off with a shortcake on the bottom,
Ice cream on top, with fresh strawberry topping all over, whip cream and a cherry on top).

"Caramel Cake Crunch" (A slice of Cake on the bottom covered with ice cream, Caramel,
Whip Cream and topped with peanuts).

"Brownie Bite Delite" (Ice Cream on a Bed of Brownies ,More Brownies on top, Covered in
Chocolate, and topped with Whip Cream).

Dipped Cones

Rich Chocolate dip that is sure to delight chocolate lovers


Root Beer, Cola, Orange

Slush Puppy Slushies

Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Grape, Lemon Lime
Some of the best Nachos on the Planet...Hot Cheese & Jalapenos